In a Barbie World

Barbie is making a comeback.

The Barbiecore craze has been heating up for the past few months, but per Beyonce, the Queen Bey was making a splash in Barbie hue since before you could even Google “What is Barbiecore?”

Here are 10 times Beyonce gave us Black BarbieCore in real life!

The Carter clan dressed as a Mattel family for Halloween in 2016.
Beyonce and BlueIvy stepped out as a Barbie duo for Halloween 2016
One thing about Beyonce — she’s going to trend.
Even before hot pink starting trending under the Google search term “Barbiecore,” Queen Bey was giving us hot pink fashion the entire music video for Check On It. In this 2020 video, Beyonce popped out in over a half dozen HOT PINK bubble gum looks for The Pink Panther movie.


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  1. Denishia

    I had forgotten all about the “Check up on it” video- she was def giving “barb” even back then lol great post!

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