Interracial Couple Posts Slavery-Inspired Engagement Photos

People are disgusted (& confused) after an engaged interracial couple took to social media this week to share a pre-wedding photo session inspired by SLAVERY. In the caption, @jocyfit wrote, “1842 Days passed and everything changed, our love got stronger and stronger, he was no longer a slave, he was part of the family. This account has been deactivated from the social media site.

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Chase The Bag. Never The Boy.

Always chase the bag. Never the boy.

Imma keep this short but let me start by saying that there’s nothing wrong with finding love, but you could wake up tomorrow and the person you love can love somebody else, but a $100 dollar bill will still be $100. Learn how to put your goals before your feelings. Chasing love will leave you broke and unfocused but getting money will always pay the bills.

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Sunday Stroll

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Cardi B Confirms Pregnancy, Shows Baby Bump On Stage

Rapper Cardi B shocked fans when she revealed a baby bump on stage during the BET awards on Sunday. Cardi, who is currently married to Offset, welcomed a daughter named Kulture in 2018. The WAP rapper revealed on Sunday that she is expecting a second child.

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If You Don’t Love ABSOLUTELY LOVE This Line of Women’s Health Products, I’ll Be Shook

So y’all i really thought i was gone get me sum last weekend.

If the deed had gone down, it would have made just the second time this year for me. I’ll admit it has been anything but a hot girl summer, spring, fall or last winter for me, but I digress. Luckily, all was not lost in my quest to get my…feet wet.

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42 Times Carrie Bradshaw “Couldn’t Help But Wonder”

Do I have too much time on my hands or is SATC worthy of binge-a-thon every now and then? My response? Los dos. The former is true since I quit my job back in January, but I also because I’ve been reliving the old episodes in anticipation of the long-awaited reboot, And Just Like That.  

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