The Female Orgasm: Explained.

Sexuality plays a role in both physical and psychological health. As soon as we understand what sex is, we’re taught to believe that a climax is the ultimate goal. Unfortunately, the desired result of a sexual peak…cums easier for some than others.

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Have You Seen Your Clitoris?

A Netflix docu-series that I watched inspired a recent blog post I wrote, called The Female Orgasm Explained that talked about the female anatomy and controversies surrounding the female orgasm. Before watching the film, I never knew the debate existed of whether women climaxed as a result of vaginal penetration or the clitoral stimulation. In fact, I guess I’d never really considered the fact that these are two distinct functions that work together to create the magic of what we know as sexual climax.

Well, if you’ve never taken the opportunity to explore the female anatomy, then you’re in for a treat.

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