I feel so “on” today. 

And that’s not typical for me on a Monday. But for no particular reason, I’m just feeling super inspired. And boy, that word from GSBC yesterday still got me lit! 

I’ve been in this space for a while now. And I love when I get like this because I feel unstoppable. I feel that I’m my most creative self. I just feel like I want to stay awake for the next 24 hours and put all of these plans into motion. It’s important that when I have days like this that I maximize them to the fullest because inevitably, there will be days when I’m not all the way on my game. That’s just life.  

I truly feel that I’m on the verge of something great and I can do anything! I wake up in the morning now, expectant. Excited about my hustle! This space is just so awesome. I can literally see all of my dreams manifested and now I’m just waiting for them to show up in my time zone.  

Everyday I’m working closer to my dreams. Everyday I’m getting closer to graduation. Now if only I could just squeeze in that gym time… Truth be told, I could go today, but I’m so in the zone that I want to use every minute of today, writing and working on my next project.

 I’m so hopeful. I’m so thankful. For all that I have and hopeful for all that hasn’t even shown up yet but that God has already shown me. I just had to get that out really fast.

 Now, World, as you were!

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