Dear Future Husband,

I just want you to know that I pray for you daily. Even though I don’t know who or where you are, or if our paths have already crossed, I thank God for creating you for me. I also pray that I can be the wife, friend and support that you need. I hope our love will be one that inspires & that lasts a lifetime. While I’m excited for our future together, there is something else I think you should know.

When I fall in love, I’m all the way in. That may sound good to you, but the problem for me is that I lose myself. What this means for you is that I’ll need you not only to love me, but to remind me to love myself. Because of my past hurts, sometimes I expect to be disappointed, I’ve self-sabotaged to avoid being let down & it may feel like I’m not letting you in. I’m working hard to change that so I’ll need you to be patient with me. I really do believe you’re out there & I can’t wait to look into your eyes. But until then, I’ll be waiting patiently until God sends you my way.

-Your Future Wife

If you haven’t already done this, I’d encourage any woman to write a letter to the man of your dreams. I actually wrote one that I plan to read on my wedding day. In it, I thanked God for the qualities of the person that I wanted and I asked God for strength, discernment & patience to be able to recognize him once he entered my life. It was almost like a “bucket list” of what I wanted in a partner. It’s dated, sealed & (while I didn’t have it notarized, I probably should have, lol) I vowed not to open it until the day of my wedding.

God used words to bring creation into being so that speaks to the power of our words. I believe in manifesting anything you want in life. Write it down & watch it manifest.


A Single Woman’s Prayer

If you’re seeking guidance for a life partner, prayer can be a powerful tool. However, it can be difficult to know how to pray for such a personal and important decision. Here is a simple 5-line prayer you can say today or anytime.

The Real Black Carrie Bradshaw

3 thoughts on “Dear Future Husband,

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  2. Jennifer munoz

    I pray to be the next one to be married with my soulmate this touched me alote & i believe the lord wanted me to see this blessing πŸ’β€ΌπŸ’― godbless and thanks for making this beautiful thing to read πŸ™‚

    REALlove Jenniferβ˜†β˜†


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