Is Valentine’s Day Overrated?

Super Bowl Sunday is rapidly approaching, but February 14 is the Super Bowl for couples and one of the most commercialized “holidays” in the US. Yet, for many Americans, it’s no cause to celebrate. Studies have linked a variety of emotions to individuals around this holiday, from those in relationships who experience anxiety due to their attachment styles to people who over anticipate how they will feel about the day.

Both singles and couples agree that it adds, at least some degree of unnecessary stress, from dinner reservations to pressure to find the perfect gift for your sweetheart. However, there are some who still enjoy and actually celebrate the day. I asked 50 people (single, married and in a relationship) how they planned to observe the occasion and here’s what they had to say.

Pampering myself to the fullest
Jamie, 33

With Wine, Great music… And Dancing all by myself!
Lanita, age 50

Nick, 38

I’m Single now I’ma be single then
Arzs, 43

I’m buying myself flowers, picking up a good dinner and watching a movie.
Laura, 46

Just like other day
Connie, 51

That’s my birthday so I’m going to party
Jeffery, 51

I don’t. I worked for Hallmark for 6 years, it’s lost all meaning. If you can’t tell someone you love them the rest of the year why go overboard on one day?
Emily, 38

I usually do a special breakfast for the kids and Shad plans our time. But I pamper myself prior to the day❤️. I do something special and manly for him though! We usually don’t go out because the restaurants are so packed. I am actually looking forward to a quiet evening in with him
Charniece, 35

Well me and my children are going to get dressed up and go on a date. Pictures coming soon.
Che, age 34

Ordered a box of macarons from a local baker…plan on decorating the house that day and making a nice dinner that night for the kids…then when they go to bed crack open that wine and watching some murder documentaries 🤣
Erica, age undisclosed

Pampering myself
Brittany, age unknown

Just another damn day I don’t need one special day to show her how much she means to me I’ll tell and show her 365 days a year
Peta, age unknown

First time alone in 25 years. Guess it will be a Netflix night.
Leann, 51

It will be just another day
Stephanie, 46

I work at a restaurant sooo…feeding all the couples
Victoria, age 26

Smoke weed, clean the yard. Maybe some captain crunch.
Frank, 41

I’m doing valentines with my kids like I do always. I buy them valentine candy and stuffed animals. It’s a tradition I made for my kids.
Elizabeth, 35

Home unless I get a date for that night …
Polly, 52

Taking myself to dinner and a movie if I don’t have someone.
Christopher, 53

Go get a bottle of Jack and Chill
Michael, 67

Idk but I’m hoping something magical happens…keeping the faith that my soulmate is out there…somewhere.
Mary, age undisclosed

Fishing if the weather permits.
Nick, 49

It comes on a Sunday this year, so I’ll be in church!
Robert, 64

Just another day to me
Brian, 58

Going into hiding or my normal way ignore it yet again and it will go away
Female, age undisclosed

It’s just another bad day. I hope I never have to celebrate again !!!!
Randy, age undisclosed

Contemplating asking a man out… Maybe not exactly on Valentine’s Day. I think that would be bad juju LOL
Christi, 53

Never know who might pop up!!
Roger, 66

Won’t be doing shit since I am single just another day
Paul, age undisclosed

Half tipsy naked in bed alone w chocolates drowning my sorrows of loneliness in a 12yr old bottle of Merlot.
Michael, age undisclosed

I can’t find MR Valentine. But I’m thinking about ordering a Valentine’s day box of chocolates and finding a random someone to send them to. If it goes to a female, maybe she’ll smile and think someone cares about her enough to have sent them.
If a male receives them then, maybe he’d think he’s important to someone. Either way I WIN

M.S., age undisclosed

Alone another year. Never seems to work out for me. Even when I was married, I got flowers and a card, maybe dinner out if my husband wasn’t working that night. I would love to get all decked out and go out for dinner with a nice man. I have no way to get anywhere, so most likely, steaks at home with the rest of the family.Tired of being disappointed on Valentine’s Day, so I don’t expect anything.
Michelle, 49

I would love to go out but don’t have a date. I know I can always go out by myself but hoping Valentine’s Day will be different than every day.
Christina, age 45

It’s my middle sons bday (best valentine’s gift ever) and we are taking a road trip and camping
Mary, 46

I’m going to try to talk my partner into going out to dinner. It’s a hard sell.
Stacey, 51

Watching movies and playing videogames.
Will, age undisclosed

Driving to [nearby city] and preparing for the ATA fur sale the next day…
Clayton, 39

Same thing I do every year, I watch Jurassic Park! Because like I always say, nothing says love like dinosaurs running amok! LOL
Mariam, 48

Probably sitting at home
Tracy, age undisclosed

With best girlfriends!
Karen, age undisclosed

Watching a movie, probably
Cyd, 51

I don’t like flowers and candy because they eventually die or run out. I’m buying myself a supernatural bracelet
Margaret, 27

It’s just another day
Ellie, 44

QGenesis, 32

Tami, 52

I buy stuff for my kids and grandkids. My love language is giving. And to be honest it doesn’t bother me that I don’t have a man to get me a gift. Just being with my family is the best gift.💕
Barbara, age undisclosed

Kim, 50

Fixing up my house
Sophia, 50s

Here’s my plan!! The kids will be at their dads…gonna buy a beautiful bouquet of red roses…a cheesecake, some decadent chocolates, light my favorite candles…and maybe have a nice dinner set up all on my ottoman…and put on some nice fuzzy pjs…sit down with a soft blanket and watch a really good series like maybe the outlander…I may even go get my nails done and maybe a pedi the sat before…but yup…those are my plans! Happy days!! Single is amazing, not gonna stress…just chill:)

It falls on a Sunday this year so I’ll do normal Sunday stuff. Probably do a little homework, pop up to my dad’s, give my niece and nephew their Valentine’s Day card and treats I got them, maybe stop at the bar for a drink, watch TV…
Jessica, 34

Netflix and Door Dash with my dog.
Leah, 42

Valentine’s Day Plan:
1. Breakfast in bed
2. Chocolates
3. Watch a movie
4. Dinner for two
5. Regret eating two dinners

Stephanie, 48

No plans yet but something may come up
Melony, 44

I’ll be rocking my new online business and make my mum and nice meal
Phyllicia, 30

Probably celebrate by eating supper with my parents like I’ve done for 7 years
Lindsay, 34 at the time this was published 😉


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