I Once Dated Future

Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, better known as rapper, Future

American rapper, Future, whose birth name is Nayvadius Wiburn bursted onto the music scene in the 2010 era with hits like Mask Off and Honest but it’s his personal life topping the headlines sometimes, more than his music on the charts, particularly when it comes to his dating life.

I, myself, have fallen for a Future-type, industry guy who was accustomed to the benefits of being an entertainer. For a lack of a better phrase, he was a bad boy who enjoyed the industry lifestyle and the perks that came along with it: money, (lots of) women and usually copious amounts of alcohol and other drugs of choice. And it was easy to get caught up in…being with someone who close to celebrity status.

Sometimes described as “not even cute” many have questioned how the trap star has peaked the interest of socialites and high profile celebrities such as Lori Harvey, Ciara and Joie Chavis to which he has children with (Ciara & Joie). And while he may not fall into the traditional categories of being attractive, there are definitely some attributes that make him desirable. For starters, any man with power becomes more attractive and let’s face it, money equals power. Second, one of Future’s claims to fame is his unmistakable voice, Auto-Tune or no. And lastly, I hear that Future is handsomely attractive in physical assets other than his looks, which may explain why he seems to be in a paternity suite every other week.

Future’s confidence is undeniable and that’s a quality many women find hard to refuse, including me. However, as we’ve seen with Lori, Ciara and Joie, this type of guy usually doesn’t do well in real, committed relationships because their main objective is to add a notch to their bedpost. As of last month, The Blast reported the rapper’s new romance with newcomer Dess Dior was over before many knew it had been confirmed. And who could forget when Instagram model, Sharmartess got flewed out and never got her money back when she went to visit him in LA.

It may seem like fun for a while, dating a guy like Future, but I’ve learned from experience to leave guys like Future in the past.

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4 thoughts on “I Once Dated Future

  1. Truuuu! Future isnt the most attractive but he is by no means ugly. Plus men (well people in general) are much more attractive in person. its the swag for me

      1. Yesss you right! All those baby mothers !! It’s the money that’s letting him pull all the young hot girls that’s for suren

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