Let Me Upgrade You

You can be the baddest, dope-est, most sophisticated freak for a man & still not be enough. News Flash Ladies: You’ll never be enough for the wrong man.

Ciara & Future
Ciara & Russell on their wedding day, 6/6/16

I’ve never really understood why Ciara caught so much flack for getting with Russell after her breakup with Future. I’ve read reports that said she “changed”. I’m inclined to believe the reverse.

I don’t think Ciara changed who she was. I think she changed her mind about what she wanted.

Ciara with Future in Hollywood

A lot of women have dated a Future type. You know, the bad boy, player, need I say more? And the truth is, we know what we’re dealing with but there’s the ever-present desire to be a good enough woman to make him change from his bad-boy ways & be loyal to just us.

They say you can’t change a man. L I E S. You actually can. Literally, by changing the man you’re dating for a new one. It’s called an upgrade.

Russell & Ciara at the White House

I think Ciara is like a lot of us. A good girl who likes bad boys. But I also think she realized she wasn’t going to get the type of relationship & commitment she wanted from the man she was with. I’m not saying Future was never going to come around. But I believe Ciara wasn’t willing to wait around until he decided he was ready to.

Ciara & Future date night

We all deserve a happily ever after. But sometimes it’s more important to focus on WHAT we want rather than WHO we want.

To look at Ciara now, you’d forget that she was once ridiculed for being “Future’s 3rd baby mama”. Now, she’s known as Russell Wilson’s wife. Now I’m not saying that’s #Goals for every woman, but it’s one hell of an #Upgrade.

Happily Ever After

They say you can’t change a man. I say you can.
It’s called an UPGRADE.

Don’t regret being the RIGHT woman for the WRONG man.
Be patient. What’s for you is for you.



6 thoughts on “Let Me Upgrade You

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  3. Shantaé Johnson

    Great article!! I agree with what you said, and I am so happy for her and her beautiful little family. Sometimes, we just need a reality check!


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