10 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your S.O.

I don’t know about you but personally, I love to shower my man with random acts of love on any day of the year, but for Valentine’s Day, the Super Bowl of days to show your partner how much they mean to you, oh I go all out. And being that we’re less than a week away from game day, I thought it would be helpful to put together this Valentine’s Day gift guide with 10 cute ideas for practical gifts to make or gift your significant other, if you’re last minute shopping.

My most dominant love language, according to Gary Chapman, is acts of service, which means that I like to make my partner’s life easier through tasks such as cooking dinner, ironing their clothes or having their favorite beer in the fridge when they get off work.

Thus, I enjoy the DIY route for coming up with cute and creative idea gift ideas for my man, but I’ll also include options for sale, in case you’re pressed for time.

  • Boyfriend basket – this DIY project can be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like. This is one of my go-to gifts. You can buy pretty much all of the items at a $1 store including the basket, stuffing paper and cellophane wrap. Top with a few of your guys favorite snacks (I like to use nuts – canned nuts, corn nuts, specialty nuts) and a cute note that says, “I’m nuts about you”. Another option is a pre-made basket like this one from Oh! Nuts.
  • A handwritten love letter (or an email) – You had to have seen this one coming. But seriously, even if you can’t find anything romantic to say, then buy a card and write it out and leave it on his windshield before he goes to work. Or if he’s an office guy, schedule to send it when you know he’s working to give him a little smile during the day. If you’re still short on words, try this cute idea of a couples coupon booklet like the one I’m currently working to launch for TheRealBlackCarrieBradshaw.
  • Send him lunch via DoorDash – Back before there was DoorDash and BiteSquad, I once paid a taxi driver to pick up a meal and deliver it to my man at work. He loved wings but food courier service wasn’t a thing, so I arranged to a cab service go to his job and take him lunch with a note.
  • Handheld massager – Let’s face it. How many times has your S.O. asked you to give them a foot or back massage? Why not let BodyBay personal massage gun do all the work while you and bae reap the benefits.
  • Designer carrying case for earbudsEtsy has some really cool designer cases. Another brand, QearFun has these blinged out rhinestone cases that you or your sweetheart will fall in love with.
  • A good night’s rest – Because nothing says I love you like brand new bed linens and pajamas, especially the world’s softest 100% bamboo sheets from BamPure or jamys from Cozy Earth. These luxury lines come with a bit of a sticker but are investment pieces that are well worth it.
  • Private chef at home – The perfect gift idea for him or her. Of course, hiring a chef to come into your home to cook you a meal is something outside the box, but you could also arrange to have a private lesson where you guys cook a meal together. Or, if you wanted it to be more intimate, nix the chef and try one of those home delivery box services like HelloFresh and the two of you can get steamy in the kitchen.
  • A framed picture – Practical and sentimental. For this idea, simply print out one of your favorite pictures of the two of you from your phone and have it framed. A time-saver would be this digital picture frame that allows you to share pics and video right from your phone.
  • An edible delectable – Try your hand at making chocolate dipped strawberries or find a local vendor who makes them. Dr. Shica’s Bakery also offers gourmet desserts and vegan options.
  • Roses – But don’t just get her any roses. Forever Monroe’s roses are manufactured to last over a year, this way, every time she looks at them, she’ll be reminded of you.
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What are your thoughts? Are you gifting someone special for Valentine’s Day? Which of the gifts from this list would you like to receive?

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