Best Sex Toys for Couples + Single Women

The things we do in the name of research.

We’ve all been a little frisky this past year with the global shutdown. But as the world reopens, I want to remind everyone to continue to play it safe when leaving your homes, especially, if you’re getting it on with a new partner, as I suspect many of you are. I want to encourage you to continue to mask up & wear your PPE, if you know what I’m saying. I do, however, realize that as the days begin to get longer, those shorts are getting shorter and I wouldn’t be surprised if birth rates of 2022 are at an all-time high.

As July 31 approaches (clears throat), that’s National Orgasm Day, that’s correct an entire 24 hours set aside for the purpose of getting your freak on, I’d like to share some tantalizing toys that are are sure to help you celebrate with a bang, even if you’re solo, like me. Don’t forget to mark your calendars and you can thank me later.

The benefits of orgasm are plentiful. But I’m sure I don’t have to convince anyone of that. In addition to bringing couples closer, they also produce chemicals in the body to combat skin problems, enhance cognitive functions and relieve stress. But enough about that, here’s what you really want to know.

Tongue Vibrator Clitoris StimulationG-Spot 10 Vibration Modes Soft Dildo Vibrators USB Rechargeable, Adult Sex Toys for Couples and Women (Pink)

Love Restraints for the BDSM adventurous

Sucking Vibrator for Women with 7 Intense Suction, Adorime Rechargeable Clit Sucker Nipple Stimulator Sex Toys for Women for Sex, Rose Vibrator BEST SELLER

Nipple & Clit Jewelry (because apparently, that’s a thing)


You can look at this and tell it’s the truth. When I found out it was discontinued, I damn near cried, but I’m not giving up. According to Amazon, THIS ITEM IS CURRENTLY SOLD OUT OR ON BACK ORDER DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND. APPARENTLY THIS THING IS HARDER TO GET THAN A PS5 AT CHRISTMAS. But don’t fret, I found a comparable item. Keep scrolling below.

Nooky Coconut scented massage oil for couples

Oral Sex Candy (Green Apple 2 pk) I don’t about you, but I’m here for it.

G-Spot vibrator clitoral tongue I haven’t personally tried this, but it looks promising.

Kama Sutra Intimate Gift Set for couples

G Spot Dildo Rabbit Clitoral Vibrator Thrusting Stimulator

Cosmo’s Kinky Sex Games with 125 cards

Cotton Candy flavored lubricant

Happy V Prebiotics + Probiotics In addition to a healthy diet, I always recommend probiotics for internal goodness that both you & YOUR partner will appreciate. Trust me on this one. While I try to maintain a healthy diet anyways, if I know I’m going to get some, I’ll do at least a 7-day cleanse of clean eating (fresh fruits, veggies and salads) and probiotics, no sodas, all water, and natural juices or homemade smoothies & it works wonders. I’ve gotten quite the compliments. I swear by these.

I always recommend probiotics for internal goodness that both you & YOUR partner will appreciate. Trust me on this one.


Polar Jade Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg If you’re into crystals, then you know that Jade has properties for luck and fortune. In relationships, it is said to bring about maturity, harmony, and balance.

pHresh All Natural Feminine Spray

Cooling Bamboo bed sheets

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