Revenge Wedding?

Sarah Vilard faked a wedding on TikTok in an effort to make her ex green with envy. “I think people think I’m crazy,” she said. “But overall, I’ve had mostly good reactions and over 5,000 people following me.”
Jam Press/@sarahvilard

A 24-year old woman in Frankfurt, Germany went to great lengths to get the attention of her ex-boyfriend after a breakup in 2019. Three months after her breakup, fitness enthusiast, Sarah Vilard planned an elaborate ruse that she posted on TikTok to upset her former lover.

The fake bride enlisted the help of her friends and even hired an actor to pose with her for the photo op in what appeared to be a lavish ceremony at the Villa Kennedy in her home state.

If her plan was to make him jealous, it looks like she succeeded. After sharing the text messages from her old flame, Vilard claims she blocked him from her social accounts and her life.


Tiktok deleted my last post so I’ll try again. Bet it was him reporting the post lol. Might take it down in a few hours so I don’t get blocked

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So was it all worth it? According to Sarah, it was. In a statement to JamPress, Sarah revealed, “He found out through Instagram and texted me the next day and freaked out because he thought I was cheating on him while we were together,” she went on to say, “That, of course, wasn’t the case. But he came to my house and wanted to talk to me afterward. I wasn’t interested.”

What are your thoughts? Crazy or genius?

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