10 Reasons to Consider Dating Someone You’re Not Attracted To

Dating is hard. It can be really tough to find someone you’re attracted to, especially if you have specific physical preferences. But what do you do if you’re not physically attracted to the person you’re dating? Is it worth giving it a try? Here are 10 reasons why you might want to consider dating someone even if you’re not initially drawn to them.

Because attraction is superficial and often short lived. Sometimes, when physical attraction is so strong, you can overlook things like their personality (or lack thereof).

Because attraction grows with emotional connection. Link to xoNecole the reason he can walk away. And they become sexy to you, like they’re still ugly but in a cute way. My homegirl is in love with this dude that she says is so ugly, she coined the term, Fugly for him (fucking + ugly). She calls him Fugs, for short. True story. I even know of a woman who claims she was not attracted to her husband when they first met, but she married him anyway.

Ugly dudes treat you better. Hear me out…not saying this is 100% always the case and that ugly guys won’t get beside themselves. That’s like having a supermodel date a squaller and think he not get the big head. My ex treated me like a queen and told me that his friends asked, “how did he end up with her?” I know for a fact that a great personality and qualities can go a long in way in sparking physical attraction.

Because sometimes ugly dudes have great sex. This is my theory. There’s this guy whose always in my news feed and he refers to himself as ugly, yet he always talks about sex and how great he is in bed. No, I haven’t tested this theory, and I don’t know why, but I believe him.

You may feel less pressure. By dating someone you’re not physically attracted to, you’re likely to feel a lot less pressure to ‘perform’ and you can just be yourself and chill. Less pressure is always good too! It can help you overcome any dating anxiety you might have.

If you enjoy spending time with them, they make you laugh, and you feel good when you’re with them, it’s worth holding out for the physical attraction to grow, as that kind of connection is pretty rare these days.

6. You’ll take your time and won’t rush into bed with them. If you’re involved with someone and there’s no physical attraction, then it allows you to really get to know a person. If all you want to do is jump their bones, you might be tempted to become physical, too soon, and that can blind you to red flags.

7. Because change is good. If you’re still single, the obviously something hasn’t worked up to this point, so why not try something new? There’s a mean that says, “Sometimes it’s the ones you don’t see coming that end up changing your life.”

8. You could gain a friend for life. Let’s say the attraction isn’t there. There’s still a chance you might get to know your date more and realize how much you have in common. Even if a relationship doesn’t emerge, you might just get a lifelong friendship.

9. It might just work for you. First dates may sometimes be a little like job interviews. Everyone’s nervous, and things can be slightly awkward, especially when you’re trying to get to know each other. Rather than letting one date make or break a relationship, give the attraction time to develop; and who knows, by the time three dates are over, you might have found someone you’re emotionally attracted to.

10. Because….what have you really got to lose? Honestly, how bad could one date be? And then there’s the possibility that it goes well and the two of you connect on some level. If nothing else, you may get a free meal and a great story to tell your friends out of the deal.

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