One Missed Call


I was just sure that he was gonna call today…didn’t happen.


I’m so ashamed to admit that I can’t get this guy out of my system. I just can’t And I don’t know what to do about it.

I think about him every hour of every day. And the more I think about him, the more confused I get. I keep telling myself, “but he was so different,” “he was such a nice guy,” and “he seemed so sweet“. And the fact that he still answers the phone, but won’t call me…it tells me that he is a nice guy– but he’s just not interested.

That’s where my problem is. I hate feeling rejected. And sometimes even ignored by him. I hate that the last time we really talked was when I slept with him. I hate the fact that fact that he disappeared on Valentine’s Day. I hate the fact that he didn’t call me back to find out about my “going away party”. I hate the fact that he hasn’t tried to call and check on me at all. I mean– he ain’t checking for me! And while all of this should be reason enough to say SCREW HIM, yet, I still want him to call.


Will he? Won’t he?

Either he wasn’t going to respond the way I wanted or he wasn’t going to respond at all.

He Keeps Calling So He Must Care. Right?

WRONG. Don’t mistake someone calling you as them wanting to be with you.

What is it about Him?

I dare you to ask yourself this question: What is it about him that you just can’t get over? I mean, really….. Has he done some above and beyond shit for you? Has he even done the same shit for you that you’ve done for him? For example, like on your birthday or Christmas, ect……

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