Seeing is Believing?

This weekend, I posed the question to myself, “What do you believe? What you see. What you hear. Or what you feel.”

Last week, I found what I believed to be my boyfriend cheating on me with another woman. I saw her go into his apartment & remain there for hours. Once I could get in a position to hear them, I heard what sounded like him giving her advice on what she should do about her relationship. Things went on & they ended up leaving, going where, I don’t know. I sat there with this question- after seeing what I saw & hearing what I heard, “What do you feel?” I asked myself. I drove home, confused but not able to shake what I felt.
What do you believe?
There’s a common saying that goes, “I won’t believe it until I see it.” Well what happens after that? What happens when you see it but it leaves you not knowing what to believe. Then what? We put so much validation, if you will, into things that we can see. But what happens when what we see conflicts with what we’ve heard. And what about the things we can’t see but feel with absolute certainty. Like our faith. No one I know has ever seen the face of God & many have never heard his voice, but what is it that makes you believe?
Some will say that though they’ve never seen the face of God, they’ve seen his works. And that’s where I am right now. It’s the same thing when it comes to love. Love isn’t something tangible. There’s no exact symbol for it, but we know what it looks like when see it. Moreover, we can feel it.


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