How Blame Sabotages Relationships: Understanding Attribution Theory

Attribution theory is a psychological concept that helps us to understand how people explain events in their lives. There are two types of attribution: internal cause/dispositional and external cause/situational. Dispositional attribution is the belief that a person’s behavior is due to their personality or character traits. Situational attribution is the belief that a person’s behavior is due to outside factors. Both attribution types can be used to explain behavior in (dating/romantic) relationships, but each attribution type is most commonly used in specific situations.

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Doing THIS Can Sabotage Even the Best Relationship

Lying, cheating, manipulating — they’re all bad and can lead to couples going their separate ways, but these things are usually done TO us and are beyond our control. There’s another action, however, that can lead couples down a spiraling staircase and ruin even the best relationship.

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Merry Liddle Christmas Premieres November 27 on Lifetime [See the Trailer]

I told you guys in a post back in September that the beloved Liddle family is back on Lifetime this holiday season. The network hadn’t released a premiere date at the time of that post but they’ve since announced that the all-black cast will debut on television screens on November 27. Lifetime also revealed the official TV trailer for the movie.

We all know that Kelly is nothing short of amazing in the vocals department, but fans are finding the songstress just as compelling in her role as Jacquie Liddle with some even wondering if she was actually pregnant in this film. Although she could have had us fooled, Kelly was actually concealing the pregnancy of her second son, Noah Jon in last year’s film, Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding. In fact, there are several scenes in the movie where if you pay close attention, you can even see her bump (Santa Baby performance and on the wedding day).

This latest broadcast will be the third installment of Lifetime’s ‘Merry Liddle Christmas’ franchise and follows the top-rated ‘Merry Liddle Christmas’ (2019) and ‘Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding’ (2020).

Kelly may be hoping for the same movie magic as her bandmate, Michelle Williams whose holiday-inspired film, ‘Christmas in Harmony’ which airs on Hallmark November 3.

Birthday Depression: Why Some People Get Depressed On or Around Their Birthdays

November really is one of my favorite months, but it hasn’t always been this way. Despite November being my birth month, this time of year used to get me in a funk. It was around this time a few years back that I used to get the blues, terribly. It’s called birthday depression and this syndrome may help explain why some people get sad or depressed around their birthday. I’m sure there’s legit science behind this but I have a few theories of my own, like not having anything to look forward to, aside from fall fashion, nothing to really get excited about.

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Here’s Why Breakups Are Good for You

At some point, we’ve all been through a bad breakup that left us feeling like we’d never get over the hurt. However there has been little research into what people experience after the dust settles and they’ve decided to move on. This blog will share research that aims to fill the void to help readers better understand what it’s really like after a major heartbreak and why breakups can actually be good for you.

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Facebook & Instagram BLACKOUT

As reported earlier today by Edward Snowden and several other news outlets including Down Detector, social media giants Facebook and Instagram are temporarily out of order & it may have something to do with a whistleblower situation that broke in the news in a 60 Minutes interview that claimed unethical practices by the social pair. 

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Cuffing Season During COVID? Try The NEW Dating App, BLK.

As summer officially came to an end on September 22, lower temperatures and shorter days have started to ushering in a new season as we find ourselves preparing for a very important time of year for many — cuffing season, you know, the time of year when it starts getting cooler and people are looking for bodies to cuddle up next to.

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Jeannie Mai is Pregnant with Her First Child with Husband, Jeezy After Miscarriage

Daytime TV talk-show host, Jeannie Mai is pregnant, expecting her first baby with musician husband Jeezy (born Jay Wayne Jenkins), she revealed on The Real talk show Monday, and in an interview with Women’s Health. Jeezy is already dad to two children but this will be the first for Mai who’s 42 years old.

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Kelly Rowland Stars in Merry Liddle Christmas Baby

For the first time ever, Lifetime presents a holiday trilogy with the latest installment of the Liddle family franchise & I. CAN’T. WAIT. I’ll admit that Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, but I’m not the girl who watches Christmas movies on Hallmark year round desperate to get in the spirit of things, but if I’m completely honest, Lifetime’s Liddle family has me hooked. Last year, I made sure to set my DVR to record it and I planned out my snacks and lit my fireplace, specifically to watch. And it didn’t disappoint.

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