November 11 is Single’s Day

Each year on November 11th, thousands of Chinese people gather to celebrate the joys of being single & I think they’re on to something.

Singles Day — also known as Double 11 — takes place on Nov. 11 and is widely believed to have begun in the 1990s in universities as men celebrated being single. In 2009, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba launched the first shopping event on that day, offering heavy discounts on its shopping platform. Since then, many of China’s online shopping companies have since jumped on the bandwagon, making Singles Day bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the U.S. combined.

The Power of 1

November 11 also has touted as a day with good vibes. Numerologically speaking, this day is believed to be a time of good fortune and new beginnings. The number 11 in numerology is considered a ‘Master Number’ and represents growth, development, inspiration and spiritual enlightenment. So, having a double hit of energy – that is 11/11 – creates a powerful opportunity to get in touch with your higher self and envision your goals more clearly.

My question to you is [how] will you celebrate the day? And if you’re doubting for a second if you should, the answer is yes. After all, why wouldn’t you take a day that specifically set aside for you? I mean, couples get Valentine’s Day. And even though there’s the unofficial Galentine’s Day, I’m not above buying flowers for myself or showing myself a good time to celebrate my singledom. And for just for the record, until someone asks me to be their girlfriend or wife, I’M SINGLE.

How will you celebrate Single’s Day

This is a day for singles to self indulge and to treat themselves to presents, fine meals, and a night on the town. Although arguably the notion of “self-care” is somewhat commodified, it is one of the main drivers and methods of branding behind the huge sales created each year on this day including Wal-Mart. As for me, here’s what I’ll be doing on Single’s Day 2021.

My birthday happens to be this month so I’ll be in full celebration mode come November 16th. But as far as Single’s Day is concerned, I want to plan to do something fun & festive! Because this date happens to fall on a US holiday, Veterans Day, state and federal offices, including mine, will be closed for business. So I’d love to see a fireworks show or something like that. I understand the reasons for observing these days are not exactly cohesive, but who says you can have both cake and ice cream.

Share your thoughts –> Is the idea of Single’s Day depressing or inspiring? And yes, it may very well be a marketing tool for businesses to get your money, but aren’t all holidays, really? What if this day caught on in the US and it started being as publicized as Valentine’s Day? Would you “buy” into this?


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